Benefits That Truly Benefit

Why settle for a cookie cutter retirement plan that doesn't meet your needs? HFA401K provides a team of investment advisors who provide solutions that actually benefit everyone in the plan.

Automatic enrollment for participants ensures that everyone contributes more to their accounts and that the costs are shared appropriately. Our financial planners will help participants, assess their risk tolerance, and make sure they understand the plan, investment options, and how beneficial it can truly be.

As a 3(38) Investment Manager, we are a fiduciary and we protect the plan sponsor from liability for the selection, management, and monitoring of the plan investments. Not many investment advisors provide this option or they do it as an added cost.

Employees and owners will have ongoing customer support and access to their online accounts to monitor their performance. Participants can also customize their portfolio's allocation, or use one of our professionally managed models.

Transparent Costs

On average, we save companies 25% - 50% on the total cost of their prior retirement plan. The chart below is our cost.

Assets Under Management Annual Fee
The First $1,000,000 0.80%
The Next $1,000,001 to $3,000,000 0.68%
The Next $3,000,001 to $5,000,000 0.42%
The Next $5,000,001 to $10,000,000 0.35%
Over $10,000,000 please call us for a quote - 973.557.2933
Our average investment expense is about 0.31%.

Here are some examples of our cost as shown above (investment expense not included):

x 0.8%=


$1,000,000 x 0.8%= $8,000 +
$500,000 x 0.68% = $3,400 =


$1,000,000 x 0.8%= $8,000 +
$2,000,000 x 0.68% = $13,600 =


Every business retirement plan needs a record keeper and a plan administrator. We partner with , "America's low cost 401k" so you obtain the best price and service possible. Their cost is $375 per quarter for plans with 1 - 30 participants and an extra $30/yr for each participant over 30.

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Getting Started is Easy

Start by finding out which retirement plan is best for you at the top of this page, or contact us below and we'll have one of our advisors get back to you. If you want to call us right away you can reach us at 973. 557. 2933. (Open 9am-5pm, Mon-Fri)

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